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Why Is Bosch The Brand Of Choice For DIYers & Pros Alike?

Even if you’re someone who enjoys doing a spot of DIY at home, having the right tools for the job not only makes tasks easier and quicker, but safer, too. In fact, from carrying out repairs around the home, to working with power tools in a professional capacity, it’s hard to deny the reliability of branded power tools such as Bosch.

Let’s look at two of the main features that set Bosch apart from their competitors in terms of power tools, and the reasons why you should choose the brand for all of your power tool needs:

  1. Their tools are professional grade

Designed and made to high standards appropriate for professional use, Bosch power tools can be depended on to give a reliable and consistent performance, whatever you’re using them for.

2. They focus on safety

Having been creating innovative solutions to safety concerns ever since their conception, when you use Bosch power tools, you know that the risk of injury while using them is minimal. You also know that their user-friendly, ergonomically designed tools feature technology to dampen vibrations and reduce fatigue to the user, allowing you to continue working with them for longer.

Why do professionals choose Bosch power tools?

Offering superior performance and quality, Bosch as a company have heavily invested in innovation and technology, and over the decades, have come up with a growing range of features that are highly advanced. Some of these advances include such things as brushless motors, which offer higher torque and extended battery life. Many tools created by Bosch also have features such as measuring systems that use lasers for added precision and speed.

Now, let’s look at some of their most popular power tools in a little more detail:

Construction tools

Power tools are a mainstay of the construction industry, but even though they are powered by electricity, it’s sometimes necessary to use pneumatic equipment such as a demolition jackhammer to deal with tougher materials and surfaces, particularly when trying to increase site production and efficiency. Demolition jackhammers are used to break up concrete bricks or solid stones, and when it comes to materials that are particularly hard to break, Bosch electric demolition hammers are the only tool that will enable you to get the job done safely and effectively. They can also be bought with a chisel attachment to break through certain materials.

Rotary hammers are power tools used extensively within the construction industry, and help make short work of drilling hard materials, and chiselling into them. similar to a hammer drill, the rotary hammer has a drill bit that can be pounded in and out while spinning.

Angle grinders

A handheld power tool widely used in metal fabrication, angle grinders can cut, grind, deburr, finish and polish, and they are most commonly electrically powered, and either corded or cordless. With ergonomic housing that makes them easy to handle and use, and a spindle lock that enables you to easily change the disc, angle grinders by Bosch are a toolkit staple for many professionals and some DIYers, too.

Drill bits

Able to make holes in a wide range of commonly used materials, such as metal, wood, plastic, concrete and porcelain, you can also buy Bosch drill bits for making holes in brick, steel, copper and even vinyl flooring. By buying a drill bit set from Bosch, you can make sure you’ve got a bit that will help you with any kind of drilling task, at home, in the workplace, or on the construction site.


These industrial devices help enhance the flow of air when working in a dusty, dirty environment, and can help effectively remove all manner of contaminates and particulate matter. Highly technical, a Bosch blower is capable of producing a pressure that’s higher than a fan, placing them somewhere in between a compressor and a fan.

Cordless drill drive

A fantastic tool for general-purpose drilling, and driving screws, cordless drill drivers from Bosch can also be used for many other DIY tasks around the home or office, and it’s often one of the first tools DIYers invest in when creating a toolkit.

Marble cutters

As the name suggests, marble cutters are used for cutting through tiles, and materials like marble and granite, and can be used to great effect either at home or in a workshop or construction site. Versatile, a Bosch marble cutter can also be used for operations involving chamfer cutting, and their design has made them easy to both use and service.

Pressure washers

A mechanical, high-pressure sprayer sometimes referred to as a power washer, a Bosch pressure washer is ideal for removing such things as loose paint, grime, mold, and dust from a variety of surfaces and structures, from buildings and concrete to vehicles. Often designed into the pump and not variable, a pressure washers volume is typically expressed in either liters or gallons per minute, but while the pressure is designed into the pump, too, this can be adjusted with the unloader valve.

It's important to note that when connecting a pressure washer to a water supply, that the supply is adequate and will not cause damage or cavitation to the pump elements, through water starvation. In other words, ensure that your source of water is capable of providing enough gallons per minute for the pump.

Bosch is a leading name in power tools for more reasons than there’s time to list here, and you will often see their branded tools in workshops, garages and on construction sites, all around the world. With all of their tools designed to maximize power and efficiency, Bosch are continually updating and upgrading their tools to ensure that they remain world leaders in power tool design.  

To get your hands on the very best power tools from the very best brands, such as Bosch, browse from a wide selection online through a reputable seller, and get your chosen power tools delivered right to your door.