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Stanley Plumber Kit


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Model No: Plumber Kit


HSN Code: 8413

About this item:

Experience leak-free plumbing with the Stanley Plumber Kit. This comprehensive set combines precision tools and premium materials, ensuring efficient repairs and installations. Tackle any pipe or fitting with confidence using our kit's versatile wrenches, durable seals, and expertly crafted components. Elevate your plumbing game with Stanley and say goodbye to drips and hassles.


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Included Components: 1 Pc 350 mm/14" Stillson Pipe wrench, 1 Pc 250mm/10"Water pump plier, 1 Pc 220 gm Ball pein Hammer, 1 Pc 8x200mm Slotted screwdriver, 1 Pc Cold chisel 7/8"-22mm, 1 Pc 3m Measuring Tape, 1 Pc Mini Hacksaw, 1 Pc 16" ToolBox

Suitable For: Hand Tool Kit Specially designed for Plumbers/Plumbing Job

Safety Features: It is the responsibility of the customer to handle the product with due care and its intended and legitimate use as a tool.

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