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Bosch GAC 250 Professional AAC Block Cutter


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Model No: 06012B60F0


HSN Code: 84672900

About this item:

Introducing the Bosch GAC 250 Professional AAC Block Cutter, a game-changer in construction equipment. Engineered with precision and efficiency in mind, this cutting-edge tool revolutionizes the way AAC blocks are handled. With its powerful motor and innovative cutting technology, the GAC 250 effortlessly slices through AAC blocks, ensuring clean and accurate cuts every time. Its ergonomic design offers optimal control and comfort, reducing fatigue during prolonged use. Equipped with advanced safety features, this cutter prioritizes operator well-being. The Bosch GAC 250 Professional AAC Block Cutter is a must-have for professionals seeking unparalleled performance, reliability, and ease of use in their construction projects.


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Included Components: Bosch GAC 250, Carton box, 3 Bosch Accessories, Protective cover

Special Feature: Bosch’s unique Tungsten Carbide Technology makes the saw blade extremely tough and durable, providing a 10 times longer lifetime.  

Product Dimensions: ‎35.5 x 21 x 21 cm; 4.6 Kilograms

Weight: 4 kg 600 g

Maximum Power: 1200 W

Contents: Bosch GAC 250, Carton box, 1 x guide rail, 335 x 58 x 5 mm, 1.5 mm 2 602 317 081, 1 x saw chain, 3/8” - 44-50”, 11 TCT teeth 2 604 730 027, 1 x sprocket wheel, 3/8” - 5 2 604 730 028, Protective cover

Type: Storable Product

Portable: Yes

Suitable For: It effortlessly cuts through autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) blocks of varying sizes.

Safety Features: The 25 cm cutting capacity and maximum 12 m/s² chain speed also makes it very easy and efficient to cut at different angles.


Enjoy a full 12 months of warranty coverage starting from the day you receive your invoice (don't forget to include a copy of the invoice when making a warranty claim). If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to the friendly team at Bosch Power Tools India Customer Service. Dial our Toll-Free Number for quick assistance. Take your warranty experience to the next level by joining Bosch BeConnected and unlock the benefits of extended warranty and exclusive rewards.

Country of Origin: India

Manufactured by: Bosch

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