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What Items Should Be Included In A Basic Toolkit?

While just how basic your toolkit is depends on the extent of work you’re likely to be carrying out, the following tools should ideally feature in there somewhere, whether you’re a professional or DIY enthusiast:

Cordless tools

Having a number of cordless tools can be useful, such as a drill, impact driver and circular saw among others.


Multiple sizes of screwdriver may be needed, and plenty of online retailers sell sets to help you handle all manner of tasks.

Drill and driver bits

Having a small drill bit kit is essential, and a good assortment from an online retailer will help you in a range of tasks.

Framing hammer

While a basic hammer will suffice, a 19-22 ounce framing hammer with a smooth face and straight claw is a welcome and necessary addition to any toolkit.

Pry bars

Screwdrivers should not be used for prying work, and with a medium pry bar in your kit, you won’t need to use a screwdriver for jobs they’re not designed for.


These are essential bits of kit for a wide range of tasks, and if you plan to build lots of things, you’ll need a selection of them.

Adjustable wrench, Allen wrench or a set

An adjustable model in a medium size should work well enough, but if you wish, you can invest in an Allen wrench, too, along with a set of wrenches which are staples for mechanics and anyone working with cars.

Wire cutting pliers

Strong but light, side or diagonal cutting pliers will help you get through many materials, from wires and rope to cord.


Extremely useful, a solid ¾ inch wood chisel belongs in any good tool kit.

It’s important to include some basic tools for measuring and cutting in your tool kit, as these can come in very useful during a variety of different projects and tasks:

Spirit level

Utility knife

Scissors and shears

Tape measure (at least 25 ft)

Spirit level

Other items that deserve a spot in a basic toolkit, include the following:

Carpenter pencils

Self explanatory, the graphite levels in these pencils make them better for marking wood than ordinary pencils.

A first aid kit

A simple first aid kit can help you patch yourself up if you scrape a digit, cut or burn yourself.

It’s also important to make sure you’re kitted out with all of the appropriate safety gear before starting any kind of project. Below are some of the most important items of safety wear:

Safety glasses

Whether welding or doing any kind of work in which sparks or debris may fly up in your face, safety glasses are a must.


Buy the right gloves that will protect your hands as needed, from knuckle protection, to full hand protection, gloves help protect two of your most valuable assets.

Dust mask

For long-term work involving dust, an N95-rated mask is necessary, for jobs involving lower levels of dust, a simple paper or cloth mask may do the job nicely.

Don’t forget to include an extension cord in your toolkit, drop cloths for protecting floor and furniture when painting or carrying out construction work, and somewhere sturdy but portable for storing all of your tools. To set up your own toolkit, simply browse a good online tools retailer and get ordering!