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Do Corded Power Tools Outperform Cordless Power Tools?

With so many different types and sizes of power tools available, it can be hard to know which you should buy, let alone whether they should be corded or cordless. Some might tell you that corded tools give the best output and are therefore the best choice, while for convenience, others might advise you to buy cordless tools.

To help you decide whether you should invest in power tools that are corded, or power tools that are not, here is a quick guide:

What are the pros and cons of cordless power tools

Becoming increasingly popular in recent years, cordless power tools are used by amateur DIYersand professionals alike, and there’s no doubt that their portability is one of the main reasons behind their popularity. Battery operated; cordless power tools come without the hassle and dangers associated with cables and plugs, and can be used both indoors and outdoors, and in areas that might be difficult to access with a corded tool - in fact, they can be used wherever you like!

Without the worry of tripping over cables and wires, and with your battery charged and with plenty of juice in it, you can use cordless power tools wherever you like, whenever you like. Additionally, they are simpler to store and are often lighter to carry and use, too.

While some cordless power tools aren’t as powerful as their corded counterparts, this factor is often overshadowed by their other many benefits.

What are the pros and cons of corded power tools

It’s hard to overlook the consistency of use that can be applied to corded power tools, since the electricity supply they are connected to isn’t likely to fail or run out, as a battery might. It’s actually this fact that gives corded tools more power than cordless versions, and by being connected to a power supply and having more force and torque, many such tools are capable of handling bigger projects and tasks.

If you’re working indoors and need to do some drilling, for example, a corded drill would be a great advantage with its extra force and torque.

Generally speaking, power tools that are corded cost less to buy than cordless power tools, thanks to their lack of battery and charging devices, so not only might you get a more powerful tool all round, but you can save some money, too. If your budget is restricted but you want, or need, to purchase a power tool or two, going down the corded route might be best for your bank balance. 

Overall, the type of tool you choose and whether you opt for corded or cordless, may come down to personal preference alone. In other instances, it might be related to cost, performance or portability. Whichever type of power tool you choose to buy, be sure only to purchase them from reputable sellers; don’t be tempted to buy cut price tools from a company that doesn’t look professional, and whose tools may not be safe to use. Online sellers often have a great selection of tools to choose from, and you can simply sit back and wait for them to arrive on your doorstop within a matter of hours or days.