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A Guide To Buying And Using A Cordless Screwdriver

Screwdrivers are those neat little tools that do exactly what they say on the label! Cordless screwdrivers, on the other hand, while still doing what it says on the label, get the job done in a fraction of the time and with a whole lot less effort. If you’re assembling flat-pack furniture, for example, you’ll likely need to drive in a lot of screws, and with a manual screwdriver, you could be there for quite some time!

Also called electric screwdrivers, cordless screwdrivers are easy to carry around from a to b, easily fitting into the palm of your hand, and are capable of helping you carry out a range of both big and small DIY tasks around the home. Because they’re cordless, all worries of tripping over power cables or causing a hazard anywhere are eliminated, and provided you buy a Bosch GO-2 with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, they can be ready for action at any time.

What are the advantages of cordless screwdrivers?

If you’re trying to drive in or remove screws from an area of your home that’s tricky to reach, or awkward to access, a cordless screwdriver can prove invaluable. While this is one of their main advantages, here are some others:

  • Energy efficiency

You can save tons of energy with an electric screwdriver, and heaps of time, too, making them way more efficient overall than the hand held alternative

  • Precision

When using a cordless screwdriver, you can achieve more accurate and precise results due to both the speed and torque; neither of which can be achieved with a manual screwdriver

  • Versatility

With a range of bits included with a cordless screwdriver, you can simply carry one around with you, instead of an entire set of manual screwdrivers

  • Cost-effectiveness

Investing in one high quality cordless screwdriver with multiple bits that are interchangeable, actually costs less than buying a set of manual screwdrivers, so they can be considered a cost-effective choice for DIYers or professionals.

What are the key features of cordless screwdrivers?

Below are some of the key features of cordless screwdrivers that set them apart from their handheld counterparts:

  • Speed

With their variable speeds, cordless screwdrivers afford the user a greater degree of control, and the reverse action enables screws to be removed quickly and efficiently if necessary, too.

  • Torque control

To give you more control, the torque, or rotating force, can be adjusted on a cordless screwdriver, helping you work more effectively with screws that are bigger and heavier.

  • Spindle lock

With a locking mechanism, some cordless screwdrivers can be used manually if needed.

  • Handle

The best cordless screwdrivers come with soft, rubberised handles that make them easier to grip and use; something that’s particularly important when working in a hot or humid environment.

  • Cost

Thinking about how you are likely to use the tool, can help you avoid buying a costlier cordless screwdriver that you might never need. However, for heavier duty tasks, a higher voltage battery powered tool may be essential.

When should you use a cordless screwdriver?

So versatile, cordless screwdrivers offer more power and speed than regular screwdrivers, and can be used for any task in which screws or other types of fasteners need to be inserted into a range of materials.

To kit yourself out with a versatile, convenient, affordable and efficient cordless screwdriver to help you with multiple tasks around the home, or to upgrade your cordless screwdriver to the latest model as a professional, simply check with a reputable online vendor and make your choice from their wide selection.