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6 Uses For A Cordless Drill That Might Surprise You

As most regular DIYers will know (as will all construction professionals), having a cordless drill in their toolkit means that they can carry out a wide range of tasks, from inserting screws, to drilling holes. However, what you might not be so familiar with, are these other, more surprising uses for a cordless drill:

  1. As a power mixer

Whether you need to mix paint, epoxy, grout or anything else, try ditching the standard mixing stick and using your cordless drill instead! Provided you’ve got a high quality attachment for mixing, you should be able to fit it securely into your drill’s chuck. Then, simply dip it into whatever needs mixing, and pull the trigger.

  1. For stripping rust from metal

While a regular wire brush can strip the rust from metal, the task invariably isn’t easy and you can easily cut your hands in the process. With a cordless drill, however, you can simply pick a wire brush attachment that’s the best fit for the contours of whatever metal you’re working with, and knock yourself out!

Do remember to wear the appropriate safety goggles and face shield when doing this.

  1. Making materials shine

Instead of using a rag or a purpose-made buffer that can be costly, simply buy a buffing pad that fits onto your cordless drill, and buff away! From making your car gleam with a waxy finish, to reapplying a table with a finish, provided you turn down the drill’s speed, you should be able to get the job done in next to no time, and with a lot less sweat.

  1. Sanding curves

It’s always tricky to sand the inside of a piece of wood that’s curved; orbital sanders make it hard to keep the edges smooth, while sanding using your hands can destroy your fingertips. What you may not know however, is that sanding drums can be bought that fit cordless drills, and with their cylindrical shape and ability to hold all types of sandpaper, they can help you reach those tricky areas of the curve, with ease. Regular sanding discs can also be purchased for drills.

  1. Gardening

Yes, you read it right – your cordless drill can help you in the garden!

At some point in the average person’s gardening life, they’re going to need to dig some holes, and this is always a tedious and strenuous task. With the help of an auger bit attached to your drill – which are similar to screws and can be driven down into the ground to pull the dirt out – you can make short work of digging holes for your spring planting.

  1. Cleaning!

Tackling mold and mildew encrusted on surfaces in your garage, shed or even your shower, is made easy with a drill brush kit. Once attached to the chuck of your cordless drill, you can clean away to your heart’s content, even getting into the tightest of nooks that you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to access with a handheld brush.

So, if you’re looking for ways to get the most out of your cordless drill, why not try some of the things listed above? And if you don’t yet have a cordless drill in your kit bag, simply search for reputable tool sellers online and buy one that will be delivered right to your door, in a matter of days.