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4 Reasons To Include Electric Power Tools In Your DIY Kit

While there is definitely a time and a place for hand tools (and let’s face it, most of us have at least two or three in our toolkits at home), if you’re looking to complete a DIY task quickly and effectively, there’s really no substitute for power tools, whether corded or cordless.

If you’re a bit old fashioned and prefer to use only hand held tools when carrying out DIY tasks around the home and business, here are 4 reasons why you should consider upgrading to electric tools:

  1. They give a much higher performance: The reality is that power tools are generally far more capable of handling an array of DIY tasks that hand tools simply aren’t able to. Making it possible to work with tougher, more rigid materials such as concrete and metal, with their specialized functions and adjustable settings, they typically give the user a much higher performance quality than hand tools.
  2. They are faster and more efficient: Not only do power tools typically give better results than hand held tools, but they are also capable of completing tasks in much less time, making them far more efficient. When you consider that an electric drill can take a few minutes to  complete a DIY task that might otherwise have taken you a couple of hours using a hammer and nails, it’s hard to see why you wouldn’t want to set yourself up with a power tool kit, starting with a Bosch GSB 500 RE.
  3. They allow for more precision and greater accuracy: If you’re trying to drill a hole into a concrete slab at precisely the right depth, or want to cut a straight line through a piece of wood at exactly the right angle, only an electric tool will give you the precision and power required. Thanks to their power, adaptability and consistency, you can carry out all manner of DIY tasks with a greater degree of accuracy than you’d be able to with a hand tool.
  4. They’re very convenient: With a great many portable power tools available today, gone are the days of having to lug heavy equipment from one place to another; now tools can be quickly packed up and easily transported from a to b, making them ultra-convenient. Couple that with the fact that most power tools are extremely versatile and capable of performing well even in hard-to-reach areas, and you’ve got the perfect range of tools for all situations and all jobs.

Allowing you to finish tasks at a variety of locations, swiftly and effectively, power tools can save you a lot of time and leave a lot less mess behind.

If you love DIY, or are just getting yourself set up with a tool kit to accomplish some DIY tasks around the home for the first time, you will definitely benefit from owning at least the most basic range of power tools. If you’re a complete DIY novice, you can always start with buying a couple of hand tools, and then gradually make the transition to power tools, as your DIY skills improve.