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10 Of The Best Gifts For A Budding DIYer

If you need to buy a gift for someone who has just taken up DIY as a hobby, or for someone who fixed a problem in the home and wants to be able to continue fixing things without having to call in a professional, there are a huge range of tools and accessories that you can buy them.

However, if you’re looking to buy a gift for a regular DIYer, you might need to think outside of the box a little bit to get them something they don’t already have.

With this in mind, here are 10 great gifts for the DIYer in your life:

  1. Work gloves: Provided you choose a reputable, trustworthy brand, you should be able to find a durable and comfortable pair of work gloves to gift a DIY friend, colleague, family member or partner. Look for those that enable the use of a touchscreen device while being worn, and which are machine washable. 
  2. Electric drill tool set with accessories: Even if the individual in question already has a drill, the chances are that they won’t have a drill set as impressive as the Bosch GSB 10 RE. Coming in a handy kit that’s perfect for carrying from a to b, and with as many as 100 accessories, this gift is great for both DIYers and professionals alike.  
  3. Engine fault code reader: When the check-engine light illuminates on the dashboard of a car, instead of taking it to a mechanic to find the cause of the problem, a budding DIYer can simply use this device to discover what’s wrong.
  4. Universal fit magnetic bit holder: This little gadget is super handy for anyone owning a power drill, as it can securely hold as many as 5 drill bits. This prevents you from having to keep the bits in your pocket, or fiddle around in the toolbox every time you need to change one. Find one that’s compatible with all of the top brands of drill.
  5. Digital level and angle gauge: With a big digital readout and a rotating screen, this compact little level and angle gauge would be a great, affordable gift for any DIY enthusiast.
  6. Magnetic pick-up tool: With the strength to pick up objects weighing as much as 20 pounds, and with the 20-inch shaft bendable and twistable, your DIY gift recipient will be able to easily retrieve any metal items they happen to have dropped, no matter where they may have landed.
  7. Knee pads: Many DIY tasks, whether around the home or in the office, garage or studio, require that you kneel down to get the job done, and to prevent injury and make doing so painless, why not treat that special DIY someone to a pair of sturdy, gel core and foam cushioned knee pads. With their breathable design, they’ll also help reduce sweating and overheating.
  8. Tool belt: Even if the person you’re buying a gift for already has a toolbelt, you can bet it won’t be as sleek and functional as some of the newer models out there. Look for ones made of leather and suede, and which have an adjustable belt to fit even the biggest of DIYers!
  9. LED magnetic light: With a magnet to enable it to be attached to a pair of pliers, this dinky little LED light is perfect for all of those times when a regular flashlight is too big and bulky.
  10. Tool utility bag: Upgrade a DIYers grubby and overused tool bag, or treat a DIY newbie to one; either way, a smart new tool utility bag is the ultimate gift for anyone into fixing things.

If you need more ideas as to what to buy a DIYer in your life, simply browse the websites of online tool retailers, and you should find yourself spoilt for choice!